Welcome to PyBuilder's first Readme.

There should be a plain text (.txt) formated version if you want to read it instead.


Current -> is information about the last release (0.3)

New -> is information about the new release (0.4)

Both -> is the same in both versions

General Information


    Pybuilder will save all the information from the fields in a file name "pymakefile.pmak", this means you don't have to retype all the information each time you compile your program.


    You will be able to name the ".pmak" file, so that you can have more than one in a folder.

The Fields

Location (Both):

    This field is the full path of the folder location of the "pmak" file. Either if you are making a new one, saving or loading from one you used before. You can use the browse button. (New: the button is called "Select")

Name (Both):

    This refers to the name of the exe when it is built. (Name with no ".exe" on the end)

Version (Both):

    This refers to the version of the of the program that you are compiling.

Author (Both):

    The name of the program's creator

Window / Console (Both):

    This controls if you want the black command prompt screen to appear (Console), or not (Windows)

Output Dir (New):

    This is the folder in which your built exe will be placed. The default is "Binary". (Current: always uses "Binary")

Main Python File (Both):

    This is the path to the script file which you are compiling, (This is the script you'd run to run your program) You can use the browse button to select the script.

Icon (Both):

    This field contains the path to the icon which you want your exe to have. You can use the browse button to select the icon.

    You must provide a valid icon path.

    If you do not provide a valid icon path or nothing at all, it will use the default windows icon.

Files (Both):

    This field contains all the modules (other python files) your program uses. You can add modules as single files, or entire folders of them.

Data (Both):

    This field contains all informational (data) files that your program needs. You can add single files, or entire folders.

Load (Both):

    This will load the data last saved into the ".pmak" file, if you do not save it will reset to the values before you made the changes.

Save (Both):

    This will save the data to the ".pmak" file, Pybuilder never saves automatically.

Save As (New):

    This will allow you to save the data into a different ".pmak" file.

Compile with py2exe (Both):

    This compiles your program, some times there are errors in compiling, and sometimes they do not identify themselves, if you have any problems, email me and I will help you.

Quit (Both):

    This Quits without saving.

    If anything arises please email me (dpmack@shaw.ca) about it. I would dislike to have an error out there which I have no idea about.

Happy Compiling,

David Mack